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    • Basic Environment
      • Study creation
      • Creating sequences of simulative operations
      • Collision detection
      • Section cutting
      • Video and picture output
    • Defining kinematic devices
    • Defining and simulating robotic continuous applications
      • Painting, arc welding, and grinding path development
    • Defining and simulating robotic material handling
      • Gripper definition and usage
      • Pick and place path development
    • And More
      • Multi-robot simulation (i.e. interference zones)
    • Swept volumes, 7th axis, etc.


  • Aufbaukurs:

  • Introduction to Robotic Off-Line Programming (OLP)
  • Introduction to RCS, RRS, and ESRC
  • Setting up the RCS, RRS, and ESRC
  • Creating Robot Programs
  • Inverse Kinematics Solution Selections (Robot Configurations)
  • Robot Controller Selection and Setup
  • Testing the Teach Pendant and Fixing Setup Problems
  • RCS Management
  • Robot Controller Specific Frames, Setup, and Motion Attributes
  • Templates, Uploading, and Downloading
  • ESRC OLP Commands
  • OLP Command XML Customization
  • Motion XML Customization
  • Robotic Path Template XML Customization
  • Other XML Customization Topics
  • OLP Add-ons and Tools